Monster Rallying over a Series of Tubes

This past Thursday, I was invited to the broadcast headquarters of HomeGrownRadioNJ, one of the impressive outposts for underground radio currently available for the streaming pleasure of online listeners everywhere.

HomeGrownRadioNJ has been doing its best to further the arts and cultural diversity through music, commentary, literature and theater through its twenty-four hour broadcast cycle. Local indie groups and underground artists are constantly finding their voices heard through this cultural outpost.

Father Scardo and DJ Cheezy, at the HomeGrownRadioNJ Headquarters

It was here that I was invited to appear as a guest on Father Scardo’s Altered Hours show, airing Thursdays from 1PM to 4PM. Father Scardo acted as host from behind his mixing board alter, bedecked in his trademark bloodstained smock, while his enigmatic sidekick DJ Cheezy assisted in the background, his identity consistently masked by a series of view-obstructing objects and a mysterious cloud of noxious smoke.

Father Scardo and his faithful flock are music fans first, but film fanatics at a close second, and we spent the bulk of our time together on air discussing zombie films, Jaws, Sandy Frank, Avatar (regrettably), and the vibrant local underground horror film scene. We also managed to squeeze in some mention of Monster Rally, the upcoming Performed by Lugosi, and the MovieSucktastic Podcast. A fun time was had by all, and I left with an open invitation to return upon the release of my next published work. You can bet I will take them up on that offer. And next time, I will be sure to bring along my iPod and share some of my favorite tunes with Father Scardo’s flock.

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