MovieSucktastic Sequels of 2010

The latest episode of the podcast I co-host, MovieSucktastic, is live and available for instant streaming or download.

This is Episode #8, the All Sequels Extravaganza,in which co-host Joey and I painstakingly take you through all of the sequels currently scheduled for a 2010 release. The list is lengthier than any of us would like, and has both your standard fare and the occasional WTF announcement. On top of that, we also go over the latest Box Office Top Ten and nominate our own choices for the Finger List.

So go to and  listen to and/or download episode #8 directly from the website, or listen in on iTunes, Podcast Alley and Because bad movies are more fun when shared.

MovieSucktastic co-hosts Joey and Scott discuss the merits of a 3D Piranha Sequel in 2010.

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