Upcoming Appearance: LibraryThing Author Chat

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This coming week, LibraryThing will be hosting an Author Chat with me on November 15 through 22. While the chat will be focused primarily on my latest book, Performed by Lugosi, I would like to invite everyone to sign in and ask me whatever they might be curious about. Whether you want to get into a discussion on Lugosi films, movies in general, or just some aspect of writing you would like my perspective on, I would love to have you take part. In addition to the chat, my publisher will be giving away fifteen uncorrected proofs of Performed by Lugosi through LibraryThing’s Early Reviewer program, the recipients of which will be chosen by LibraryThing on November 26.

For those of you not familiar with LibraryThing, it is an essential website for anyone who reads, writes or collects books, and enjoys sharing and/or connecting with others about them. Not only can you use the site as a virtual catalog of your personal library (here’s mine), the user interface allows you the ability to update book information, review and recommend books to others, and chat with other book owners, including a large number of LibraryThing Authors. LibraryThing is free to join, with a paid membership necessary for those who wish to catalog more than one hundred books. Considering that the lifetime membership fee is as much as many sites charge annually, I highly recommend signing up for the long haul.

Whether or not you are up for joining yet another website, be sure to check out LibraryThing by visiting my Author Chat, being held from November 15 to 22, and weighing in with whatever’s on your mind. I look forward to seeing you there.

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