Feeding Myself to the Zombies

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Zombies have been taking over the culture (and pop-culture) over the past year or so, infiltrating every aspect of our lives from classic literature to car commercials. It has reached the point that zombies have managed to invade television, and audiences are now tuning in regularly to watch partially-decomposed reanimated corpses shamble around in search of human flesh, or at least some tasty brains.

It would be foolish of me as a writer not to attempt to capitalize on the recent craze sweeping the nation in some way. This is why I am glad to announce that I have been asked to make a guest appearance in the sixth episode of a popular and well-received late-night zombie show.

No, I’m not talking about the AMC comic-book-turned-soap-opera-with-zombies mini-series The Walking Dead. The show I am referring to is Zombie Etiquette. Broadcast out of Princeton, NJ, Zombie Etiquette is a corpse-driven talk show hosted by high functioning zombies, who are dedicated to exploring the arts, commenting on current events, and spreading public awareness about the living dead. Oh, and brains.

Dead Wrong and Corey Sloan, the show’s gracious zombified hosts, have invited me to come on the show. Hopefully, their motivation is to learn more about my latest book (Performed by Lugosi), and not to get within reach of my notoriously over-sized head. The ratio of insightful questions to frantic screams for help will be the true test.

I’m hoping that friends and fans alike will tune in to watch what will either be an interesting discourse on Bela Lugosi and horror films, or my bloody and violent death at the hands of cannibalistic corpses. Either way, I’m sure it will be an entertaining evening. Be sure to check the Appearances section of my website for air dates.

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