The Movie Guys Go Blue (In More Ways Than One)

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As those who listen to the Moviesucktastic Podcast on a somewhat regular basis know (and I have it on good authority that our download bandwidth, whatever that is, has been steadily rising, so we know you’re out there), Joey and I have our grievances when it comes to James Cameron‘s epic 3D cash cow Avatar. The words used by us to demean and insult both the film and its creator have been varied and, on occasion, vulgar. However, with the release of Moviesucktastic Podcast Episode #25, listeners can finally hear us say something positive about the latest version of Avatar.

Of course, that’s not exactly true. When I say the “latest version” of Avatar, what I am in fact referring to is the XXX adult parody of Avatar, unleashed by perverted mastermind Larry Flynt and his Hustler empire, aptly titled This Ain’t Avatar.

Yes, it’s also available in 3D.

That’s right, Joey and I take a short break from our usual nitpicking and whining about films we don’t like yet continually watch just so we can bitch about them, and instead tackle the topic of Adult Movies, arguably the worst that exploitation cinema has to offer. Also on tap for this episode, Joey and I talk about our recent attendance at the Exxxotica Expo in Edison, New Jersey. In the dead center of the Garden State, hundreds of twisted, perverted, and decidedly unclean people descended upon an aircraft hangar sized showroom full of fast cars, loose women, and questionable latex products. Joey and I were there merely in a professional capacity, of course.

Not since last Valentine Day’s infamous “Penis Episode” have the Movie Guys brought you so much adult entertainment news and reviews, and most likely even MORE information about them that you would have wanted to hear. This episode has it all! Romance! Intrigue! YouTube Controversies! Avatar bashing! Possible copyright infringement! People in blue body-paint having sex! And to top it all off, more uncomfortable masturbation innuendos than you can shake a… well, you get the idea.

This Joey & Scott episode clocks in at a little under an hour, so you shouldn’t have to worry about holding out until the end. There’s only so much you can say about Giant Smurfs fondling each other, after all. As always, this and other episodes can be downloaded from iTunesPodcast or streamed directly at Trench coats optional.

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