Interview with John Dimes, author of There Are No Bad Movies!

Moviesucktastic Update: the latest episode of our film review podcast, my co-host Joey and I were lucky enough to interview artist / actor / singer / writer John Dimes. John Dimes is known to many as the (first and only, according to his website) African-American Horror Host Dr. Sarcofiguy, and can often be found at horror conventions and other such film events sharing his love of movies with fans and audiences.

But John isn’t just a fan of movies; he is their unrelenting advocate.Author of Coincidissonance andThe White Corpse Hustle: A Guide for the Fledgeling Vampire, his latest book is a film-lover’s manifesto against the critical vivisection of cinema at the hands of professional reviewers and casual armchair critics alike.  There Are No Bad Movies! (Only Bad Audiences)takes on the arguments against supposedly “Bad Movies” one criticism at a time, shaming those who complain that the movie was too long, or that it didn’t “resonate” with them, for using their own biases to attack films that only exist to amuse and entertain.

His appearance on Moviesucktastic, a podcast dedicated to talking about (and often verbally abusing) what we think of as “Bad Movies” is as commendable as it is surprising. Just describing such a meeting calls images of walking into the lion’s den to mind. As John explains himself at the beginning of the interview, he realized that there would be those who disagreed with his book’s premise, and he didn’t see any reason not to take those criticisms head-on. Fortunately for all of us, Moviesucktastic’s Movie Guys have never been intentionally rude or confrontational, and our mutual love of films in general easily surpassed any differences in cinematic philosophies.

That kind of mutual obsession often makes for great conversation, and what was originally meant to be a half-hour interview turned into an almost two-hour discussion of nearly everything cinematic under the sun. Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage, Star Wars, Troll 2, Dakota Fanning, The Human CentipedeKing Kong, and countless other subjects came up during the interview, and it wasn’t until John named Van Helsing as one of his favorite films of all time that we realized how much time had actually passed.

We were very fortunate to have John Dimes as the first guest of Moviesucktastic; I don’t think we could have asked or a more lively, interesting, and best of all, fun interview. I highly recommend giving it a listen, either on iTunes or directly from the MovieSucktastic Website. And if you happen to swing by Amazon and pick up one of John’s books, be sure to let him know that the Movie Guys over at Moviesucktastic sent you.

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