Author Appearance: S. Michael Wilson on Educationally Speaking with Joyce Estey

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This Wednesday, I was fortunate to be a guest on Joyce Estey‘s monthly radio program Educationally Speaking, accompanied by professor and poet BJ Ward, author Jessica Cooper, and poets Nick Heacock and Angela Chiu.

We were invited to appear on Joyce’s program on WRJN to discuss our involvement with the Warren County Community College ASA Creative Writing program, one of the few Creative Writing Associate Degree programs in the country, and the only one so far on the East Coast.

The other authors and I spoke highly of our experiences with both the Creative Writing program itself, and the program’s founders and coordinators, BJ Ward and Brian Bradford, both of whom are a constant source of inspiration and motivation for the students that find themselves under their guidance. Then, in between questions about the program and our experiences in the creative writing workshops, we each read a small sample of our current work. I chose to read a slightly truncated version of my creative nonfiction short story A Quarter at a Time, which can currently be read in its entirety at Eric’s Hysterics.

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