Moviesucktastic #59: 2012 Oscar Nominations Show | Moviesucktastic

As happens every year, Bad Movie Month (January) leads into the supposedly Good Movie Month of February with Oscar Season, and The Movie Guys take advantage of this seasonal event by using this episode of Moviesucktastic to take their initial look at the newly released Academy of Motion Picture’s list of Oscar Nominees!

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Interview with John Dimes, author of There Are No Bad Movies!

Moviesucktastic Update: the latest episode of our film review podcast, my co-host Joey and I were lucky enough to interview artist / actor / singer / writer John Dimes. John Dimes is known to many as the (first and only, according to his website) African-American Horror Host Dr. Sarcofiguy, and can often be found at horror conventions and other such film events sharing his love of movies with fans and audiences.

But John isn’t just a fan of movies; he is their unrelenting advocate.Author of Coincidissonance andThe White Corpse Hustle: A Guide for the Fledgeling Vampire, his latest book is a film-lover’s manifesto against the critical vivisection of cinema at the hands of professional reviewers and casual armchair critics alike.  There Are No Bad Movies! (Only Bad Audiences)takes on the arguments against supposedly “Bad Movies” one criticism at a time, shaming those who complain that the movie was too long, or that it didn’t “resonate” with them, for using their own biases to attack films that only exist to amuse and entertain. Continue reading

The Movie Guys Go Blue (In More Ways Than One)

James Cameron introduce scenes from the 2009 f...

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As those who listen to the Moviesucktastic Podcast on a somewhat regular basis know (and I have it on good authority that our download bandwidth, whatever that is, has been steadily rising, so we know you’re out there), Joey and I have our grievances when it comes to James Cameron‘s epic 3D cash cow Avatar. The words used by us to demean and insult both the film and its creator have been varied and, on occasion, vulgar. However, with the release of Moviesucktastic Podcast Episode #25, listeners can finally hear us say something positive about the latest version of Avatar. Continue reading

Moviesucktastic #23: From Torture Porn to Avatar Porn

SAW 3D :-)
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The Movie Guys are back! After a lengthy hiatus due to the inconvenient tendency of life to intervene, Joey and I are finally back with what almost must seem like a lost episode, Moviesucktastic #23.

As is always the case when Joey and I get together to record an episode, the subject matter tends to veer far and wide with little advance warning. After taking a brief moment to apologize for lost time, we dive right into the past weekend’s top ten, which invariably leads to the Finger List and a lengthy rant by myself about Hollywood’s obsession with making movies focusing primarily on “rich people and their rich people problems.” Continue reading

The Expendables Eat, Pray, Love Twilight and James Cameron

The Expendables (2010 film)
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MovieSucktastic Episode #19 salutes the male movie-going audiences of America!

As anyone paying attention to the never ending battle between Box Office Testosterone and Cinematic Estrogen knows, this past weekend saw the ultimate battle of the sexes take place in the Box Office, with the winner being determined by the yardstick of success that all Americans can agree on: Cold Hard Cash. Continue reading

Killers Eclipse the Drive-In

Twilight: Eclipse Premiere Tickets!
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This weekend’s episode of the MovieSucktastic podcast is up and available for your Fourth of July listening pleasure. After all, why would you blast Creedence Clearwater Revival or Nickelback by the poolside when you could subject your pool party guests to the fevered rantings of a man forced to watch both Killers and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in one sitting?

Yes, episode #17 of MovieSucktastic features reviews by yours truly after a harrowing night spent huddled in the front seat of my car at Becky’s Drive-In while the feature films Killers and Twilight: Eclipseunfolded before me like two great oceans of pain and indifference. After last episode’s positive review of The A-Team, it was nice to hunker down in familiar territory and spew the usual spiteful yet informative venom about some movies that violently sucked several hours of my life into the Godless abyss in which all bad movies store the life energies of their victims. Continue reading

The A-Team, The Drive-In and Dog Owners

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Yes, the MovieSucktastic podcast is back on schedule, after an extended hiatus during which I (unsuccessfully) attempted to track down co-host Joey, who was abducted last month by militant Avatar fanatic in retaliation for my past antiAvatar reviews. Despite the tracking and survival skills I honed during my years with the Navajo and my brief stint as a Mexican Wrestler, the trail went cold at the Northern end of the Appalachian Trail. I had to return to the Wilson Compound to regroup, but the hunt is far from over.

Back at home base, I snapped back into action and got back into the MovieScottastic swing of things with a full-on review of The A-Team, which I screened at Becky’s Drive-In. This, of course, also leads to a brief rant about moviegoers and drive-in moviegoers, and their never ending quest to ruin the movie-going experience for the general public. Here’s a quick preview: what do you do when a crying baby isn’t loud enough to disrupt the film? Bring the dogs along as well, of course.

Continue reading