Publishing News: My Short Story Gets Flushed

One of my short fiction pieces, The Other Foot, which I just recently read along with a gathering of other authors at Warren County Community College, has been selected to appear in the latest anthology from Portable Press, Uncle John’s Flush Fiction. As they describe it on their Amazon page:

Prepare to be entertained by this unique collection of short-short stories–all fewer than 1,000 words–handpicked by the master story-teller himself, Uncle John. Whatever genre you’re into–humor, mystery, romance, horror, adventure, sci-fi, or slice-of-life–it’s in here. Continue reading


How to Train Your Dragon and Avatar Abductions!

A Nightmare on Elm Street
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If you haven’t tuned in to the MovieSucktastic podcast lately, you might want to check out the latest episode. There have been a lot of changes to the show format in the past few months, but the latest change was something that nobody could have predicted. Continue reading